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Winchester Global Pty Ltd manufactures the ProtxL (protects-all) range of patented by-pass engine oil and fuel filtration equipment. The value proposition is to optimize client machine availability and performance to continually reduce OPEX. ProtxL oil filters achieve 16/14/12 oil cleanliness standard by breaking the engine oil acid cycle and maintaining the additive package including TBN.

With increasing cost pressures many organisations want increased machine availability and using ProtxL this is achieved by extending service intervals to 1,000 hrs and more. ProtxL engine oil filtration is ideal for fixed and mobile plant to enhance OEM filtration on all diesel engines, hydraulic systems, gearboxes and bulk oil/fuel storage. ProtxL will economically maintain any size of turbine significantly reducing varnish and oil consumption.

ProtxL achieves:

  • Diesel engine extended service intervals of 1,000 up to 3,000 hours.
  • Over 1,000 hour extended oil and filter change.
  • Reduction in logistics of oil & filter costs by 67%.
  • Reduce oil waste by up to 1/20th.
  • Improves fuel economy by 5%.
  • Increases engine service life.
  • The least engine “whole of life” cost.
  • The maintenance of new engine emission standards for significantly longer.

ProtxL does NOT void OEM warranties.

The world machine inventory operates on a thin layer of oil and it is oil cleanliness standard that mostly determines wear, loss of performance, repairs, down time and associated logistic costs. The most cost effective preventative maintenance is achieved by keeping the lubricant absolutely “clean and dry”.

As the current lubricated component service interval and life of lubricant is very low, the real solution to achieve optimum machine availability and least whole of life cost is to utilize the ProtxL filter program in conjunction with a high thermally stable PAO lubricant.

With our expertise and commitment to deliver these benefits we will work with your management and maintenance team to achieve the cost reduction that you want.